Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hey Stalkers!

Want me to answer a question? Want to send in a funny story that could be posted on the blog? Or just want to say hey? Email me here:

You dont have to put in any personal info, and i promise im not going to email back, and emails wont be shared with anyone.

ok so email me!!!  :]

-Miss. E

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Question to Ponder...

OK so im going to start putting on a "Question to Ponder". Today's questions?

1. Where does wind come from?


2. Why is the plural of Unicorn, unicorns? Because you don't say "cornS" you say corn. Right? So unicorns, really?

Comment with what you think! (on both or just one!)

-Miss. E

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Reply to Comment and Hedgehogs

So nutnut123443211 said in reply to my PRESENTS post:
"Thats is soooo great and helpful. But I wish you had added more things I got stuff for my dry, cold, and smelly but what about my friends that smell good and my warm and wet friends. I wish that you would write about those too. Pleeeasssseeee"

For good smelling friends?
ULTA make them sanitary! about $10.oo at Ulta


chunk bands from 5 below!!! I don't really know what this has to do with being dry or wet but i thought they are cool! (sorry no picture!)

Beauty award-winners
Specifically the Paris Go Clean face wash. Cooling and cleansing!

So there you go nutnut123443211.

My new obsession. They are so cute! Look up "how to give your hedgehog a bath" on youtube. So cute! I want one! 
Y cant they just share the hedge??



OK so i got this idea from
Anyway, its the holiday season and everyone is thinking about presents! So what do you give your friends?
Here are some tips and tricks:
-I do most of my shopping at 5 below, good stuff, but you don't have to spend a fortune.

What are my favorite things to give?

Japanese Cherry Blossom Splish Splash Gift Set - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Worksbath & body works
they start at $10.oo and are always a big hit (plus, you dont have to guess about the scents, cuz all are good!)


hats! $5.o at five below!


H2O Plus ulta has a bunch of "mini's" for not a lot. This one is about $8.oo and everyone can use it.

RAWR! Hope this helps!

- Emma