Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hey guys!
I am just going to skip the "sorry i haven't been on in so long" part and go straight to what i wanted to talk about.
So i saw I am Number Four the other day and i have to say, I LOVED IT! My friends didn't but i thought it was really good and if you haven't seen it yet, i suggest it. I loved it so much that i read the book and guess what? The book is good too!
Then, yesterday i saw Hop. Yes, that movie with the talking animals that is G rated. I WAS THE BEST! My friends and i were laughing the whole time. So my advice, skip the action packed, blowing things up movies and see Hop before it leaves theaters!
(i know i have been changing my name a lot....)
ps: it stands for Cathy Character.... "Rose Reader" made me change it.

Friday, January 28, 2011


I mean, i LOVE to read books. So my friend and i have made a.... BOOK REVIEW THING!
As of right now there are no posts but there will be in about 3 days. So check it out! Books Worth Blogging


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Im feeling quite sad. Sometimes i feel like (no matter how hard i try) no one reads my posts... but i WILL NOT soil this post being sad... so here is a


Would you rather have no homework ever again but have to go to school on saturday OR have homework every night and not have to go to school on monday?

think about that.

thats all.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Its a Mystery...

ok polyvor-ers, here is the theme... SPARKLES! Seems fitting, does it not? Ok so for the Like Waking From A Dream contest make a set with sparkles. For those of you that are clueless to what im talking about... dont worry about it, just read on!

So i went to a restaurant yesterday with a bunch of my friends. There was this really cute waiter and we were totally flirting with him. It was insane. He was 21. We also we becoming bffs with our waitress. Heres what we learned (from asking questions) in the coarse of 1 hour:
-Shes 21
- She has been dating her boyfriend since jr year.
- thats 4 years
- they live together
- Her name is sarah
- She goes to ______ university (sorry, cant say the name!)
- She is majoring in chemistry
- Her boyfriend runs
- hes buff
- he has brown hair and brown eyes.

Here what Rob (our cute waiter) now knows about us.
-we like jersey shore
- we drop things a lot
- we are flirts
- we love him

So, see where questions and flirting get you? At one point we had 4 waiters talking to us. CUTE ONES!

So my question for you.... did curiosity really kill the cat?


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Soooo Remember...

Do you remember when i asked you if you wanted to be the new face of TTS?
Well, i had a contest on and here are the two finalists...
for Things That Sparkle comp
Created by Paramore is (still) a Band♥

Things That Sparkle
Created by CAraZay mE

Which do you like?
Email me @





Really, this is an awesome site. My 3 favorite games?   (
1. Balloono
2. Draw my Thing
3. LetterBlox

check it out!


you could go to

also a good choice.

sorry its one of my best posts but you know, exams and everything.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Best of the ummm... web? part 1

OK so im going to start this new thing. (drum roll pleeaaassseee...) BEST OF THE UMMM... WEB?
Yup, its going to be epic.
So here's how it works. I will be looking for sites (or parts of sites) that I like. It could be pictures, websites, pages, games... get it?
So here is the first one.
So i was on and well i just happened to find this really amazing one that just so happens to be called "Ms. E" so here is ONE of my favorites but if you go to this link ( you can find way other, cool ones! Ms. E does mostly art sets with a funny twist but, some of her new sets (as they call them) include fashion and symetry. She has been advertising MY site on her group "Like Waking from a Dream" so here is my thank you to her: THANK YOU!
here are some of my favorite "sets"
google it!
Dream as if you could live forever
freaks, we all know one
Like what you see? Then go to the site and tell her! Its free to sign up to and you wont receive emails all the time if you don't want to. Who know? Maybe you could be good at it too!

Do you want to be featured here? Got a cool site of your own? Cool blog? leave me a comment with the web address and you could see it here!

Ok thats all i leave you with this:
Don't cry when the sun is gone, because the tears wont let you see the stars.

deep right?