Monday, January 10, 2011

Best of the ummm... web? part 1

OK so im going to start this new thing. (drum roll pleeaaassseee...) BEST OF THE UMMM... WEB?
Yup, its going to be epic.
So here's how it works. I will be looking for sites (or parts of sites) that I like. It could be pictures, websites, pages, games... get it?
So here is the first one.
So i was on and well i just happened to find this really amazing one that just so happens to be called "Ms. E" so here is ONE of my favorites but if you go to this link ( you can find way other, cool ones! Ms. E does mostly art sets with a funny twist but, some of her new sets (as they call them) include fashion and symetry. She has been advertising MY site on her group "Like Waking from a Dream" so here is my thank you to her: THANK YOU!
here are some of my favorite "sets"
google it!
Dream as if you could live forever
freaks, we all know one
Like what you see? Then go to the site and tell her! Its free to sign up to and you wont receive emails all the time if you don't want to. Who know? Maybe you could be good at it too!

Do you want to be featured here? Got a cool site of your own? Cool blog? leave me a comment with the web address and you could see it here!

Ok thats all i leave you with this:
Don't cry when the sun is gone, because the tears wont let you see the stars.

deep right?


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