Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This Post is To Tell You...

TO GO AND TELL EVERYONE ABOUT THIS BLOG!!! I won't make any more posts in till we reach...... 5 whole followers! So tell your friends, tell people you hate, tell people you like, tell that old lady across the street... just tell people!!!!

P.s. Jk i will post more but, i'm serious about inviting people.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Actually Helpful Study Tips

Ok so if you go to or anywhere else and look at their study tips it say things like:
-get a good nights rest
- eat a good breakfast
-don't cram
- stay organized

These are good and everything but you hear them ALL of the time. Now before i tell you my tips and tricks, I will let you know a little about my "school life". Mostly A's and B's, hate studying and participating in class and homework is horrible! So you might be saying to yourself "ok so I'm about to take advice from this chick about school stuff" my answer: Yes. You want to know why? Because my tips help, especially people like me. So here it goes:

1.) Ok so cramming isn't good, but is it sometime effective? Yes, yes it is.
2.) I know it's tough to stay alert in class but, lets face it, if you don't, the teacher will call on you and you won't know what the heck is going on. So, it's ok to lean your head on your hand, and maybe space from time to time, but try and stay alert. It may be hard but it not only saves you from those embarrassing moments, but you usually retain more information.
3.) Flash Cards, PowerPoints, re-writing the outline, self quizzes. What do all of these things have in common? They are effective for not only kinesthetic learners but also visual.
4.) Use a calender to keep track of tests, quizzes, projects, and homework. It saves you from that "oh my gosh, I forgot we had a..."
5.) Do the harder things first, or last. In other words, have a system. If you like "warming up" before doing your hardest homework, do the easy-est first. Or if you just want to get it over with, do the hardest first and save the easy stuff for last.

Those are only 5 of my tips, so i will probably do another study tips one if people like this. Comment and if you haven't already, follow! Thanks~

Monday, September 27, 2010

My attempt on "Fashion"

This is for all of you that, like clothes and everything, are sort of into fashion, but nothing crazy (*cough* Forever21 *Cough*) don't get me wrong, they have some cute stuff in there but, some of it....
well just look for yourself ->

Anyway, I was in the mall last Saturday, and stumbled into a store called Garage. Lets just say, this is my new FAVORITE store. Want to see what i bought? Well you can't because the online shop isn't available to people in the USA yet sooooo yeah. Anyway here are my innermost thought on some fashion things:
1.) Pockets INSIDE of pockets, no
2.) when you walk into a store, look at something and think "what were they thinking"
3.) heavy eyeliner and make-up look HORRIBLE! (no offense to you, if you wear it, it looks good on YOU)
4.) Cover up, no one wants to see that

Here are some of my tips when shopping:
1) don't buy ugly stuff
2) you can NEVER have too many shoes
3) listen to your friends if they say it makes you look fat

Ok well, i have to go do homework now. This will probably be my only post on fashion and i only did it by request. Comment! I would love to hear from you!

What's all of this about?

    Hey everyone! So i was browsing through some blogs and i stumble upon one: (check it out!) and i think "hmm... i want to start a blog to!" but on what? I really know nothing about fashion or make-up, and what else do i like that people would possibly want to read? Well... after about 10 minutes of thinking (and NOT doing my homework) it hit me! It actually hit me... fell from my desk. It was a sparkley necklace... now what could that have to do with anything you ask... well instead of going through my train of thought, I will just tell you the end: EVERYTHING! I can't do a blog on one topic, so i will do one on EVERY topic. Whatever i feel like writing about. So I hope you like it, and don't get too fed up with me. Tell your friends if you like it and after i publish this, I will hopefully make my first official post! See you then!