Monday, September 27, 2010

My attempt on "Fashion"

This is for all of you that, like clothes and everything, are sort of into fashion, but nothing crazy (*cough* Forever21 *Cough*) don't get me wrong, they have some cute stuff in there but, some of it....
well just look for yourself ->

Anyway, I was in the mall last Saturday, and stumbled into a store called Garage. Lets just say, this is my new FAVORITE store. Want to see what i bought? Well you can't because the online shop isn't available to people in the USA yet sooooo yeah. Anyway here are my innermost thought on some fashion things:
1.) Pockets INSIDE of pockets, no
2.) when you walk into a store, look at something and think "what were they thinking"
3.) heavy eyeliner and make-up look HORRIBLE! (no offense to you, if you wear it, it looks good on YOU)
4.) Cover up, no one wants to see that

Here are some of my tips when shopping:
1) don't buy ugly stuff
2) you can NEVER have too many shoes
3) listen to your friends if they say it makes you look fat

Ok well, i have to go do homework now. This will probably be my only post on fashion and i only did it by request. Comment! I would love to hear from you!


  1. i definitely agree, you can NEVER, EVER have to many shoes! btdub i love the blog!!!!1

  2. I love your blog! Keep it up!! I love your tips btw. ^_^