Monday, September 27, 2010

What's all of this about?

    Hey everyone! So i was browsing through some blogs and i stumble upon one: (check it out!) and i think "hmm... i want to start a blog to!" but on what? I really know nothing about fashion or make-up, and what else do i like that people would possibly want to read? Well... after about 10 minutes of thinking (and NOT doing my homework) it hit me! It actually hit me... fell from my desk. It was a sparkley necklace... now what could that have to do with anything you ask... well instead of going through my train of thought, I will just tell you the end: EVERYTHING! I can't do a blog on one topic, so i will do one on EVERY topic. Whatever i feel like writing about. So I hope you like it, and don't get too fed up with me. Tell your friends if you like it and after i publish this, I will hopefully make my first official post! See you then!

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