Saturday, January 15, 2011

Its a Mystery...

ok polyvor-ers, here is the theme... SPARKLES! Seems fitting, does it not? Ok so for the Like Waking From A Dream contest make a set with sparkles. For those of you that are clueless to what im talking about... dont worry about it, just read on!

So i went to a restaurant yesterday with a bunch of my friends. There was this really cute waiter and we were totally flirting with him. It was insane. He was 21. We also we becoming bffs with our waitress. Heres what we learned (from asking questions) in the coarse of 1 hour:
-Shes 21
- She has been dating her boyfriend since jr year.
- thats 4 years
- they live together
- Her name is sarah
- She goes to ______ university (sorry, cant say the name!)
- She is majoring in chemistry
- Her boyfriend runs
- hes buff
- he has brown hair and brown eyes.

Here what Rob (our cute waiter) now knows about us.
-we like jersey shore
- we drop things a lot
- we are flirts
- we love him

So, see where questions and flirting get you? At one point we had 4 waiters talking to us. CUTE ONES!

So my question for you.... did curiosity really kill the cat?


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  1. wow i've never heard a story like that before...