Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Reply to Comment and Hedgehogs

So nutnut123443211 said in reply to my PRESENTS post:
"Thats is soooo great and helpful. But I wish you had added more things I got stuff for my dry, cold, and smelly but what about my friends that smell good and my warm and wet friends. I wish that you would write about those too. Pleeeasssseeee"

For good smelling friends?
ULTA make them sanitary! about $10.oo at Ulta


chunk bands from 5 below!!! I don't really know what this has to do with being dry or wet but i thought they are cool! (sorry no picture!)

Beauty award-winners
Specifically the Paris Go Clean face wash. Cooling and cleansing!

So there you go nutnut123443211.

My new obsession. They are so cute! Look up "how to give your hedgehog a bath" on youtube. So cute! I want one! 
Y cant they just share the hedge??



  1. Nice one Miss. E ...( I don't know what that stands for at all hehe) I loved it btw I love hedgehogs too I bet you didn't even know that hehe I think you should write more about hedgehogs tho. hehe luv your blog keep writing